Dried Rose petals

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Our dried rose petals are something very special and belong to the absolute luxury category of our offer. The dried rose petals come from certified organic cultivation and have been gently dried without the addition of chemicals or other preservatives.

The dried rose petals are ideal for a festive decoration of special occasions or to refine delicious salads, cakes and desserts. But for the morning cereal, the dried rose petals not only make a great eye candy, but make each muesli creation a unique taste experience.

Dried rose petals even contain valuable ingredients for health. In the flowers are essential oils and so-called tannins, which can prevent inflammation and contain it. An infusion of dried rose petals with hot water becomes an antibacterial mouthwash for gum complaints.

In diarrhea, toothache and female discomfort during menstruation, the dried rose petals can be brewed to a soothing tea, which quickly gives relief. For a cup of tea with dried rose petals, boiling water is simply poured on the amount of a teaspoon of rose petals. The hot drink then has to draw for five to ten minutes, giving it a light pink color. The tea with dried rose petals can also have a relaxing and soothing effect on headaches and dizziness.

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