Handmade Persian Wool Carpet Code 101175, Heris


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All of Our Carpets, Rugs & Gabbeh are handmade and made by wool or silk and woven by domestic nomadic tribes
All Carpets, Rugs & Gabbeh colored by natural colors
100% Guarantee of quality and authenticity
We just sell 100% Original and unique Carpets that bought from domestic nomadic tribes
So Please be careful about the fake Carpets or Rugs that sell as Persian hand made Carpets but they made on factories in other countries (UK or China) and colored by artificial colors.

Size 7 m²
Dyeing Natural colors
Dimensions 211×332 cm
Approximate weight 10 Kg
Lint Wool
Handling time 7 Days
Application Consumables
Washability By hand
Place of production Heris
Warp Cotton
Weft Cotton


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