Newsha Iranian Ghalam Tea (3 Packs, 750 Gram)


Black Ghalam Tea is one of the many kinds of Iranian Tea that has a very pleasant flavor and is very colorful. Ghalam Tea, like the Momtaz Black Tea, has a very good quality. It takes more time to drain, which is about 10 minutes a great time to brew Ghalam Tea . The amount of this dry tea is also a teaspoon of dry Momtaz Tea.

Ghalam Tea contains a dispersed amount of tea leaf stalks that gives teas to the taste and color of the tea. These stems are distributed sporadically in tea.

Ghalam Tea is like Momtaz Tea, tea is suitable for use in companies and offices, and coffee is also the most consumed Ghalam Tea in tea shops.

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Persian tea comes in a variety of subtle flavours, but its defining characteristic is its deep reddish-brown colour, which tea-drinkers can choose to dilute with water depending on their preference.

Most Châikhânes or Persian tea houses will serve tea on the stronger side unless otherwise indicated by the drinker. The stronger the tea, the higher the concentration of tannin and caffeine, so a good cup of tea is like a good cup of coffee for those who take it straight.

Different types of tea

Tea has different types which usually depends on level of dryness of tea leaves as well as the type of leaf which tea comes from which are:
White tea, Green tea, black tea and oolong tea

Tea and antioxidant which it provides for you

Two cups of tea have antioxidants as much as five servings of vegetables, tea prevents the formation of blood clots in the main arteries. Plaque is actually a combination of dangerous fat and cholesterol. Daily consumption of three cups of tea is an effective way to prevent heart attack and stroke. Doctors have stated in a new review that regular consumption of black tea or green tea can lower the risk of heart attack and heart diseases by 11 percent.

Nutritionists believe that in terms of the delivery of antioxidants, two cups of tea is equal to five serves of vegetables or two apples. Tea Benefits are significantly due to its flavonoid content. Flavonoids are actually antioxidant contents which interact with cardiovascular diseases. Each cup of tea contains between 150 to 200 milligrams of flavonoids. In addition to these, the amount of flavonoids in black tea is as same as the green tea.

Why Iranian tea (persian tea)?

Tea is originated from china and India considers itself as another owner of tea industry in the world. Tea cultivation in Iran has not the long history of these two countries but the specific climate of northern Iran which has a good moisture and is mountainous can provide a great product.

Iranian tea is of the cleanest teas in the world and pesticides are not used in its cultivation. Mountainous climate of northern Iran is greatly effective in improvement of taste of Tea and moreover allows plants to be free of pests which is one of the reasons for not using pesticides.

Although many consider the color of tea as a sign of quality but in fact the color of tea does not matter and in fact, tea drinks that have less color usually have more quality. Even though Iranian tea does not have much color, it has the taste of its own and has many supporters in different parts of the world.

Buying Persian Tea

Online purchasers and consumers of Persian Tea emphasize the importance of the leaves being packaged in airtight sealed packaging. This is in the interest of “preserving the flavor”. Often, loose leaf tea purchased from outdoor vendors is recommended as it is perceived to provide a more authentic product and the one on one interaction with the seller provides the buyer with the opportunity to receive advice from an expert.

However, buyers who choose this route are encouraged to lightly rinse their tea before use as dust and dirt has been known to collect on the tea leaves when it is being displayed outdoors.

It is also prudent to look at the form the product takes whether as sold in steeping bags or in loose leaves as the latter will require some external method of steeping. It is also important to note whether additional spices and/or flavoring are added. This is to ensure that the final product aligns with the individual drinker’s taste.

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